Jewelry by Gemstone

Vedic gemstones have the power to transmit planetary influences.

In addition to our custom jewelry, we also offer a collection of finished jewelry focusing mainly on affordable secondary gemstones (uparatnas) for each of the planets.

All of the gemstones are set to touch the skin in order to experience their maximum astrological benefit.

Amethyst Jewelry

Aquamarine Jewelry

Blue Sapphire Jewelry

Carnelian Jewelry

Cats Eye Jewelry

Chrysoprase Jewelry

Citrine Jewelry

Coral Jewelry

Crystal Jewelry

Danburite Jewelry

Diamond Jewelry

Emerald Jewelry

Garnet Jewelry

Hessonite Garnet Jewelry

Jade Jewelry

Kunzite Jewelry

Lapis Lazuli Jewelry

Moonstone Jewelry

Pearl Jewelry

Peridot Jewelry

Ruby Jewelry

Spinel Jewelry

Tanzanite Jewelry

Tsavorite Jewelry

Tourmaline Jewelry

White Beryl Jewelry

White Sapphire Jewelry

White Topaz Jewelry

Yellow Beryl Jewelry

Yellow Sapphire Jewelry

Yellow Topaz Jewelry
Zircon Jewelry