Other Carvings

Northern Lights Vedic has many different types of other carvings in a large variety of natural stones.

Only a few of the many carvings we have in stock are on the Northern Lights Vedic Website. We have about 20 different types of animal carvings which are available on our sister website, Northern Lights Gemstones. There are bears, several styles of cats, crocodiles, dolphins, dogs, elephants, frogs, hippos, horses, owls, pandas, penguins, pigs, flying pigs, rabbits, rhinos, snakes and turtles.

Many of the animals are available in several different sizes - 1" mini carvings, 1 1/2" small carvings, 2 1/14" medium size carvings and a more limited number of larger carvings.

Most of the animal carvings also have matching carved pendants and carved earrings. Call 530-478-7553 if you would like to order any of these carvings.

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