Jupiter (Guru)

Jupiter Painting - Vedic Astrology
“Only one person in a million becomes
enlightened without a teacher's help.”

Jupiter governs our wisdom and growth. He has an expansive quality and is of a benevolent nature. In the Vedic tradition Jupiter is thought of as the teacher, and through his influence we can develop faith, hope, and confidence.

When Jupiter is weak there is a tendency towards pessimism and contraction. When Jupiter is strong, but malefic, one can be overly optimistic. Too much confidence may cause arrogance and over expansion.

However, there are many positive ways in which Jupiter's expansive nature may unfold in our lives. Wealth, travel and knowledge are all expressions of this planet. Jupiter also represents our children and, to a woman, her husband. Jupiter is a planet that often provides the right opportunities for learning and growth. This expansion can occur on both a material and spiritual levels.

Should You Strengthen Jupiter?

On a physical level Jupiter governs our liver, spleen and pancreas and wearing a gemstone for Jupiter is beneficial for these parts of our bodies. Strengthening Jupiter improves overall vitality and balance.

Jupiter has an expansive energy. Wearing a gemstone for Jupiter will increase our potential for wealth, travel and learning. It also promotes feelings of optimism and hope. Jupiter is associated with teaching and this is an excellent gemstone for teachers, counsellors and people in an advising capacity. A strong Jupiter can also put us in touch with our creative energy. Jupiter governs creative expressions and progeny.

Spiritually, Jupiter is associated with wisdom and higher learning. Jupiter is ethical and helps us to act in accordance with a higher guidance. Wearing a gemstone for Jupiter helps us to receive grace and connect with our inner wisdom.

Colors for Jupiter

Yellow, gold and orange emphasize Jupiter's energy.

Day of the Week

Thursday (Guru's Day)

How to Wear a Gemstone for Jupiter

As a ring, Jupiter gemstones are usually worn on the pointer finger. If having a ring on that finger does not feel comfortable you can use the ring finger which has a compatabile enegy. Since Jupiter is an expansive energy it is usually worn on the right hand.

Metals for Jupiter

Yellow sapphires should be set in gold. Substitute stones are more suitable when set in gold. However, because they are milder in their influence, and need to be quite large, silver is also used for substitute stones.

Mantras for Jupiter

Mantra for Jupiter in Vedic Astrology

Om Gurave Namaha

Om Brihaspataye Namaha

Om Sri Gurave Namaha

Om Hreem Brihaspataye Namah

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Strengthening Jupiter in Your Daily Life

  • Do positive affirmations
  • Expand your horizons
  • Donate something to the needy
  • Have faith
  • Seek counseling and knowledge
  • Share your wisdom
  • Be ethical and follow higher principles
  • Express devotion to a spiritual teaching
  • Attune yourself with the highest good
  • Take part in a spiritual ceremony