Venus (Shukra)

Venus Painting - Vedic Astrology
“Live each moment completely
and the future will take care of itself.
Fully enjoy the wonder and beauty
of each moment.”
–Paramhansa Yogananda

Venus has a sweet energy and is the brightest of the planets when it comes close to the earth. Venus can uplift our state of consciousness through love, devotion and beauty. By raising our consciousness Venus can show us the highest truth.

As the ruler of beauty and art, Venus expresses refinement and elegance. Venus seeks harmony and connection, allowing us to enjoy ourselves and the company of others. Venus can bring us comfort and pleasure, and a strong Venus may be beneficial for wealth.

Negative expressions of this planet can manifest as indulgence, attachment and possessiveness. In its lower octave, Venus can create illusion and cause us to be deceived by appearances and show. Those who have a strong Venus should strive towards its highest expression--inspiration and truth.

Should You Strengthen Venus?

Venus is a planet of beauty, art and creativity. On a physical level, wearing a gem for Venus strengthens the reproductive system and kidneys.

A gem for Venus awakens a sense of refinement and is an aid for increasing awareness of subtle energy. Venus is also connected to imagination and vision.

Venus governs the heart chakra and the energy of Venus improves harmony and balance in relationships. A strong Venus can attract wealth and material abundance.

On a spiritual level, Venus promotes devotion and Bhakti Yoga. A gemstone for this planet can stimulate higher perception and a love of truth. Overall a gemstone for Venus is good for strengthening creative energy and increasing our sense of joy.

Colors for Venus

Venus enjoys white, light pastels, flowery and rainbow colors. Avoid dark, bright and heavy colors.

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How to Wear a Gemstone for Venus

As a ring, Venus gemstones are worn on the middle finger. They can be worn on the right or left hand depending on whether you are wanting to project the energy (right hand) or trying to soften and harmonize the energy (left hand).

Metals for Venus

Gemstones for Venus can be set in yellow gold or white gold. Silver can also be used.

Mantras for Venus

Mantra for Venus in Vedic Astrology

Om Shukraya Namaha

Om Sri Shukraya Namaha

Om Hreem Shukraya Namah

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Strengthening Venus in Your Daily Life

  • Spend time in a beautiful garden
  • Sing devotional chants
  • Beautify your home and work space
  • Express your artistic talents
  • Take time to appreciate beautiful artwork
  • Pay respect to the women in your life
  • Do creative visualizations
  • Read poetry
  • Love God