Saturn (Shani)

Saturn Painting - Vedic Astrology
“Persistence guarantees that results are inevitable.”
–Paramhansa Yogananda
“If we focus on the eternal, we will remain unaffected
by the changing experiences of life.”

Saturn governs linear time. He is thorough, strong and slow and is involved in that which is durable. In our bodies, he rules over our bones and our teeth. Saturn governs longevity, and a strong Saturn may give us a long life. He also rules over endings and death, and helps us to understand that all things of the earth will come to an end. Saturn is the ruler of old age, the last phase of our lives.

This planet is connected to all things from the earth, such as rocks, gems, dust and dirt. He is the planet for gardening and farming. Mining, construction and manual labor are also governed by Saturn.

Saturn has structure and form, and he operates in hierarchies and organizations. A planet of democracy, he likes to serve the needs of the many and puts an emphasis on self sacrifice and service to others.

Saturn governs monks, nuns, yogis and all people on a path of renunciation. He teaches detachment and shows us a deeper truth. Saturn wants us to develop perseverance, patience and responsibility. He will test us by placing us in situations that require these qualities.

Saturn helps destroy our illusions and wants us to understand that we need not take things personally. Through his influence, we will eventually be rewarded with humility, wisdom and peace.

Should You Strengthen Saturn?

A gemstone for Saturn strengthens and calms the mind. It promotes clarity of thinking along with mental focus and concentration. A well placed Saturn can give much prosperity and success in professional life.

Spiritually, Saturn helps us become detached and even-minded as we face life's ups and downs. Saturn brings responsibility and strengthens persistence and determination. This planet increases our capacity for spiritual work and service. With time Saturn can manifest as maturity, wisdom and humility.

Saturn rules longevity and a strong, beneficial Saturn gives a long life and protects the immune system. It strengthens bones and teeth. A gemstone for Saturn is cooling and will also be helpful in reducing infection and inflammation. It can be an aid when trying to lose weight and during detoxification.

Please note that every planet has positive and negative qualities. Saturn is a malefic planet and can cause harm if it is not well placed in your chart. It is important to determine if a gemstone for Saturn is of benefit to you. Have your birth chart analyzed by a Vedic astrologer before you decide on a gemstone.

Colors for Saturn

Saturn likes blue and darker colors.

Day of the Week

Saturday (Saturn's day)

How to Wear a Gemstone for Saturn

As a ring, Saturn gemstones are usually placed on the middle finger and can be worn on either hand.

Metals for Saturn

Saturn gemstones can be set in all metals but are most often set in white gold or silver which corresponds with the cool nature of Saturn. The secondary gemstones are fine set in silver.

Mantras for Saturn

Mantra for Saturn in Vedic Astrology

Om Shanaischaraya Namaha

Om Sri Shanaishwaraya Swaha

Om Shanti Shanti Shanti

Om Hreem Shreem Shanaishcharaya Namah

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Working with Saturn in Your Daily Life

  • Serve others (seva)
  • Fast on Saturdays
  • Donate food to those in need
  • Do mantras for Saturn
  • Meditate