Virgo - Vedic Astrology
“Leading life without discrimination
is like shooting without taking aim.”

The symbol for Virgo is a maiden holding a scythe and a bundle of wheat. The maiden symbolizes purity and purification, the scythe expresses discrimination, and the grain is nourishment.

Virgo is an earth sign which is ruled by Mercury and likes to use the intellect in practical and useful ways. This sign relates to service, health and healing.

Virgos' ability to discriminate allows them to pay close attention to detail. Their sense for detail and analytical thinking lends itself well to administration, accounting and secretarial work. Virgos are proficient at remembering facts. Their curiosity and interest in learning make them good students and teachers.

The sign of Virgo rules the digestive system, the intestines and the colon. People with planets in Virgo may have sensitive constitutions and nervous systems. They need to watch out for the tendency to worry and be overly critical. It is especially important for Virgos to balance energy between body and mind. They can benefit greatly from yoga, especially Hatha Yoga.

Virgo Sign Painting in Vedic Astrology