Capricorn - Vedic Astrology
“Human happiness and moral duty
are inseparably connected.”
—George Washington

Because Carpicorn is ruled by Saturn and in an earth sign emphasis is placed on the practical side of life. Capricorns are very dutiful and are able to persevere in spite of obstacles. They also have concentration and focus.

Capricorns can be ambitious and often make good leaders due to their ability to shoulder responsibility. They are often organized, work hard, and prefer to follow a schedule and keep a routine in their lives. People who are influenced by Capricorn are serviceful and often work within an organization or cooperation.

Capricorns like spending time alone. They enjoy the peace and quiet of natural surroundings and feel especially comfortable in the mountains. Capricorns also have a mystical quality, expressing a deep awareness of inner realities.

Capricorn Sign Painting in Vedic Astrology