Aquarius - Vedic Astrology
“We are the same as plants, as trees,
as other people, as the rain that falls.
We consist of that which is around us,
we are the same as everything.”

The last of the twelve signs of the zodiac, Pisces represents endings. Endings often bring us a sense of loss but can also instill in us a deep desire for liberation. Jupiter is the ruler of Pisces. The water element in this sign attracts faith, devotion and grace, and gives Pisces intuition and a mystical quality.

Those with strong planets in Pisces will often have a great deal of empathy and compassion for others. As a result, this sign is associated with philanthropic and charitable endeavors. Pisces is also a sign for healers.

People with strong Pisces qualities are sensitive to their environment. Making clear boundaries can be a challenge in this sign and this can result in a sense of confusion.

The symbol for Pisces is two fish swimming in opposite directions, representing the unbounded and all encompassing quality of this sign.

Aquarius Sign Painting in Vedic Astrology