How to use Vedic Gemstones

Sri Yukteswar and Paramhansa Yogananda 1935
“The stars are about to take an unfriendly interest in you, Mukunda. Fear not; you shall be protected. In about a month your liver will cause you much trouble. The illness is scheduled to last for six months, but your use of an astrological armlet will shorten the period to twenty-four days.”
-Swami Sri Yukteswar

Why use gemstones?

In Paramhansa Yogananda's book "Authobiography of a Yogi " he wrote a chapter titled "Outwitting the Stars" where he describes how his Guru used gemstones in Vedic astrology. Yogananda's Guru was Swami Sri Yukteswar who was a self-realized gyana yogi ( a yogi whose path was Wisdom). He lived in Serampore, India from 1855 until1935.

Sri Yukteswar was a Vedic astrologer who would often advise aspirants who came to him for advice to use metals and gemstones to protect and strengthen themselves from the influences of the planets. He was a practical yogi and believed that we should avail ourselves of all the tools which the ancient sages of India found were helpful to speed man's evolution.

What is the best way to use a planetary gemstone?

The best way to use a planetary gemstone is the one where you will wear it the most. The gemstone will give you its benefit when it is worn next to the skin so that it can mingle its astral energies with your electromagnetic body.

Rings are usually the best way to hold a single planetary gemstone. We can wear them all the time and keep them on at night and not take them off. The hands are a means that we have of both taking in and sending out energy. Think of how we send healing energy out through our hands. The fingers also have subtle energies going though them that we can take advantage of in the placement of the stones on fingers that have compatible energies to the planets we are trying to affect.

A pendant is a good way to hold a gemstone and it will touch properly if worn next to the body. The disadvantage of a pendant is that it is easy to take off and forget to put back on. It is only when you are wearing the stone that it is giving you benefit.

Armbands and bracelets are an excellent way of holding several stones if they are worn all the time.


Which metals should be used for planetary gemstones?


  • Sun - Yellow gold
  • Moon - White gold or silver
  • Mars - Usually White gold or silver but yellow gold is fine if it too much heat is not a problem
  • Mercury - Yellow gold, white gold or silver
  • Jupiter - Yellow gold
  • Venus - Yellow gold, white gold or silver
  • Saturn - White gold, silver or yellow gold
  • Rahu - Yellow gold, white gold or silver
  • Ketu - Yellow gold
You will get benefit from Vedic gemstones even if they are not set in gold. While gold is best for some stones all Vedic gemstones can be set in silver and will be useful for strengthening the energy of the planets in our lives.

Which fingers should be used for holding Vedic rings?

  • Sun Gemstones - Ring finger, preferably on the the right hand
  • Moon Gemstones - Ring finger of left or right hand
  • Mars Gemstones - Index finger or ring finger of right hand 
  • Mercury Gemstones - Middle finger of right or left hand or little finger
  • Jupiter Gemstones - Index finger (pointing finger) preferably on right hand
  • Venus Gemstones - Middle finger of right or left hand
  • Saturn Gemstones - Middle finger of right or left hand
  • Rahu Gemstones - Middle finger of right or left hand (or use the finger associated with the planet ruling the sign Rahu is placed in)
  • Ketu Gemstones - Middle finger of right hand (or use the finger associated with the planet ruling the sign Ketu is placed in)

Primary versus Secondary Gemstones?

Some of the primary gemstones of good quality are very expensive such as ruby for the Sun , diamond for Venus and blue sapphire for Saturn . There are substitute gemstones that can be used for strengthening the planets if we use them wisely. In that way even those who do not have a large budget can get the value of using gemstones.

Some substiture stones are as powerful as the primary stones but generally we should use a larger substitute stone to compensate for it's not being as strong as the primary stone. As a corollary it is also possible to use a diamond or some of the good quality sapphires that are slightly smaller than 2 carats. There are also different grades of stones. It is certainly better to have a substitute stone that has good liveliness and color compared to a primary stone that is dull and lifeless.

In order to make wise use of Vedic gemstones we should use our common sense, intuition and the advice of those knowledgeable about gemstones . The primary gemstones and the main secondary gemstones for the planets are listed below:
  • Sun - Ruby    (secondary Sun stones) - red spinel, red garnets, rhodolite garnet, spessartite ganet
  • Moon - Pearl    (seconday Moon stones) - freshwater pearl, South Sea pearl, moonstone
  • Mars -Red coral    (secondary Mars stones) - carnelian
  • Mercury - Emerald    (secondary Mercury stones) - tsavorite garnet, green toumaline, peridot, jade
  • Jupiter - Yellow sapphire    (secondary Jupiter stones) - Yellow topaz, yellow beryl, citrine
  • Venus - Diamond    (secondary Venus stones) - white sapphire, white zircon, white beryl, white topaz
  • Saturn - Blue sapphire    (secondary stones) - tanzanite, amethyst
  • Rahu - Hessonite garnet    (secondary stones) - orange/red zircon
  • Ketu - Chrysoberyl cats eye    (secondary stones) - other types of catseye stones