Vedic Astrology Consultations

"My Vedic astrology reading with Lina Preston continues to be a source of learning, help, and adventure for me. With caring skill, she was able to clarify past and present patterns in my consciousness and gave me physical, mental, and spiritual tools to overcome the karma that I was facing.

I was impressed with her high level of knowledge of this ancient science and how she intuitively conveyed what I needed to understand. I highly recommend Lina to everyone, especially those who are striving to live a life guided by spiritual ideals."

–J.F. Nevada City, CA

Lina Preston lives at Ananda Village, near Nevada City, California. Consultations can be done in-person at Ananda Village, by phone or online via Skype.

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Gemstone Consultation
Gemstone Consultation

Astrological gemstones are a powerful ancient remedy that have been used within Vedic astrology for thousands of years.

Certain gemstones can strengthen positive and auspicious astrological influences. It is important to have an experienced astrologer interpret your individual astrological chart in order to recommend the right gemstones for you.

Lina has many years experience of working with both gemstones and Vedic astrology. She will examine your personal chart, planetary period and the effect of current transits in order to identify your positive planetary influences.


Vedic Astrology Birth Chart Consultation
Birth Chart Consultation

A birth chart reveals karmic influences and gives insights into the many facets of your life, including relationships, health, career, finances, and spiritual growth. An understanding of how the planets affect these aspects of life can increase your awareness of how to deal with them.

This one hour consultation includes recommendations of astrological remedies that can help harmonize and integrate the effect of planets, such as gemstones, colors and mantras. An MP3 recording of your consultation is included on request.


Yearly Update Consultation
Yearly Update Consultation

Our karma is expressed and released through individual planetary patterns. The planets in a birth chart reveal their power and meaning during specific time periods. Astrologically these periods follow a specific sequence, but their timing varies in individual lives.

The ruling planets, according to your planetary period, have a lot to say about your present life. Current astrological transits, depending on how they influence your natal chart, may also have a profound effect on your life.

An hour long update consultation also includes an examination of your yearly chart, which is an astrological chart created at the time of your solar return. This chart can give clues about the year ahead.

*Life reading (birth chart consultation) is a prerequisite