Customer Testimonials

"I have had astrology readings in the past, but never one with such wise, caring analysis. I came away with unique understandable concepts I have been able to use in my daily life. Lina has a wise, approachable way of decoding Vedic astrology."–M.M. Nevada City, CA

"I had a reading with Lina during a difficult time in my life. Thanks to Lina and her knowledge about astrology, I gained insights and a deeper understanding about myself. I was also inspired to make some positive changes in my life. "–K.P. Överkalix, Sweden

"I appreciate your gift Lina. I would highly recommend any devotee who is seeking more clarity into their life to have a session with you. What you have shared with me has value to me in this way, I now have several more spiritual tools to help me Practice the Presence of God in the Cold Light of Day."–A.G. Lambertville, New Jersey

"I had a wonderful reading with Lina. She is calm, clear and knowledgeable. Though I have had readings before, I learned about my chart in new ways that offered new insights that were very helpful. Lina's quiet presence let me feeling uplifted and encouraged. Highly recommended!"–L.S. Nevada City, CA

"I feel a grace and help from the reading yesterday. It really seemed to answer some questions and it was powerful."–H.B. Nevada City, CA

"My Vedic astrology reading with Lina Preston continues to be a source of learning, help, and adventure for me. With caring skill, she was able to clarify past and present patterns in my consciousness and gave me physical, mental, and spiritual tools to overcome the karma that I was facing.

I was impressed with her high level of knowledge of this ancient science and how she intuitively conveyed what I needed to understand. I highly recommend Lina to everyone, especially those who are striving to live a life guided by spiritual ideals."–J.F. Nevada City, CA

"I had a great reading with Lina. She has a very intuitive, expansive, and spiritual approach to astrology. She presented me with clear directions and favorable options while never imposing her own personal beliefs on the direction my life should take."–C.S. Kerala, India

"We were both amazed how accurate Lina's reading was. Her knowledge and intuitive skills are remarkable and highly recommended."–P.F. & W.S. Los Angeles, CA

"I appreciated how Lina clearly and concisely presented my astrology reading to me as well as for several of my family members. She speaks without personal opinions... . her practice of intuition on her spiritual path comes through in the readings. What a joy filled experience I had!"–P.C. Portland, OR

"Lina's reading was for me a great experience - Understanding the chemistry of forces acting on one's life and how to best move forward is fascinating, insightful and deeply practical.

Thanks Lina!"–S.R. Nevada City, CA

"At the time when I had my reading I was needing to make an important decision in my life. The reading with Lina provided me with the clarity I needed."–B.S.L. Luleå, Sweden

"It was really very nice to talk with you yesterday. It was a big help to get a sense of direction and hope!"–V.D. New York City, NY

"Thank you Lina for an uplifting, engaging and thoroughly helpful reading. Lina imparted subtleties on many levels that exhibited her knowledge and love for the subject. I would highly recommend one of her readings."–H.A. Nevada City, CA

Custom Jewelry Testimonials

"Thanks so much for getting all this done so fast. I absolutely love the pendant."–C.D.. Redwood City, CA

"Thanks so much for the beautiful rings and researching when I should put them on."–A.R.. Encinitas, CA

"Thanks Binay. I really like the emerald ring. Many people have commented to me how nice it looks. It feels very comfortable wearing it and I already feel the energy behind it."–J.R.. Sacramento, CA